The Gallery in the Three Colours
The artistic World of Nadodo is made of Crowds and Ambiences. Some people and others meet, fusion of feelings, colours and form there. Cross the threshold and you will be won by a dream of humanity.

The crowds
The crowds express Nadodo?s universal world of being, anonymous communities with symbol-coloured skin, they recall the paradox of the human being, that is what makes us all so different and yet so alike.

Someone and others
Those who came across by chance, whether behind the door, at the other end of the earth or at his doorstep. The magic of encounters and art, in his heart or on canvases, for Nadodo, all these stories come together.

The Ambiences
Love, burgeoning friendships, departures, returns, festivities, dreams, places and beings the atmosphere of Nadodo?s work portrays the very essence of life.

the paintings