" Painting comes from the place where words cannot express themselves any more "
Gao Xingjian

How many of us carry the sensitivity or the anger of our daily lives ? How many of us have been exposed to the world by accident, and revealed by Art ? From the depths of the heart, the cry comes out.

It was the case of a father that gave, one day in 2001,a painting to its son. The child didnít care about the brushes but the magic occurred when the father put the colours on the canvass, then Na Dado came out.

Of profoundly human feelings, Na Dodo takes us in the memories, on the meeting of Beings and pictures translated almost involuntarily on the cloth.A painting between abstraction and realism, constructed like the automatic writing of the surrealist poets des 1900s.

"My painting never corresponds to what I had envisaged, but I am never surprised"
Andy Warhol

Fleetingly met figures, best regards, holidays and daily, love affairs and deaths, passions and proscriptions, I inhale has know the vast World translated into me by the photographer or the painter...

... Polynesian beaches, in the sidewalks of Soho, from banks of Monoskiing in the Latin Quarter, it is this whirl of pictures and emotions which I like to transmit, in response to my creations...

... In each, the cloth must liberate feelings and cogitation. Some of you manifested me their emotions facing my pictures, I confess to be touched there and to very flattered...

.. For me, a car takes in the car this distribution dans. It is in this mind that I open you, for the pleasure of discovery and that of you here to voir to explore a bit of my world.